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The Orbea Orca M-Ltdi: The Steed you Need for Maximum Speed
Daniel Hayes, 3/2016
Orbea doesn't do relaxed. Their European race pedigree has put them in the peloton for over 80 years, clawing out victory after victory from the Pyranees to the Swiss Alps, grinding through the torturous Spring Classics, punishing competitors in the grand tours. It's made them lean and vicious, muscular animals stalking the brutal climb, the solitary torment of the long breakaway, the edge for a win, the takedown in a sprint. They're race royalty, and sitting atop the bloody throne is the Orca, Orbea's flagship extreme race geometry rig. They're edgy, stern and competitive entrants in the market of enthusiast and race road bikes.
There are thirteen permutations of the Orca available, at least in pre built form. Framesets are available as well, if specific options are of interest. At the top of the list is the Orca M-Ltdi, the Dura Ace Di2 9070 equipped machine doled out to team Cofidis for their racing needs in the Grand Tours. It's a stiff, light frame. The OMR construction touts some of the most responsive lateral rigidity found in a sub 900 g frameset. It's got a PF 86 bottom bracket shell and tapered head tube. The Vision Metron 40 carbon clinchers are some of the whippiest on the road.
One of the other major eye-openers about this bike is the price tag. Similarly equipped and weighted bikes will often fall in the $11,000.00 - $12,000.00 range where the top-equipped Orca is a pleasing $9,299.99. Young racers have found a manageable entry point into the hyper-competitive world of the sub 16 lb. superbike. This price-competitiveness is visible throughout the line as well. Orbea makes it clear that they want you on the Orca, no matter where your price point lands.