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Orbea didn't come to play around. Everything they do from crushing the most brutal climbs in the Pyrenees to winning world cup XC races proves that they showed up to take over. With highest end materials and components, and some of the most aggressive geometries found in the industry, Orbea is not here to share the sandbox. Their bikes win.
Having begun their endeavors as a Basque gun and rifle manufacturer in the 1840's their products slowed down only slightly in the early 1930's when they manufactured their first line of bikes. Trends at the time led Orbea to find the race course a much more reasonable way to slay the French and Spanish (Oooh, Snap.) (Sorry France & Spain). From their award winning Orca, available in two different frame levels and 10 different component configurations, to the voracious Ordu, an industry leader in the world of time trial, not to mention the Alma, Occam, Oiz, Rallon, and MX series of mountain bikes, Orbea has no shortage of competitive bikes and frames from the pro level, down to the first time rider. If speed is your deal, Orbea is the brand for you.
Here are a small selection of their offerings...
Variability Through Materials and Processes : Orbea's OME, OMP, and OMR Build Methodologies
Orbea's methodology is organized to provide options. This riding style with that rigidity, those geometric parameters with this material, pick your paint job if you want to... Each series is replete with a number of model changes and tweaks to make sure you get the ride you're looking for. In road there are three different models of the Avant frameset, Orbea's endurance geometry rig: two carbon and one hydroformed aluminum. The Orca is available in three different carbon versions, and the Alma is available in four, including their aluminum version... Read More Here.
Orca M-Ltdi: The Steed you Need for Maximum Speed
Orbea doesn't do relaxed. Their European race pedigree has put them in the peloton for over 80 years, clawing out victory after victory from the Pyranees to the Swiss Alps, grinding through the torturous Spring Classics, punishing competitors in the grand tours. It's made them lean and vicious, muscular animals stalking the brutal climb, the solitary torment of the long breakaway, the edge for a win, the takedown in a sprint. They're race royalty, and sitting atop the bloody throne is the Orca, Orbea's flagship extreme race geometry rig... Read More Here.
The Obrea mountain line offers many options. From entry level hard tails, to plus bikes, and full suspensions. With this mix, you are sure to find the perfect bike for your level and taste. Find More Info Here
Comfort: It's in the name.
The Comfort brings even more enjoyability to your rides with a heavier focus on enjoyment than performance. Find More Information Here