1952 Justin Road suite 118
Highland Village, TX 75077
Some people characterize the procurement of a Moots as, the last bike you'll ever buy. I personally disagree. You'll need at least a few Moots to round out your collection. The Vamoots RSL for your road rides, a MootoX 29” with their famed 'YBB' flex based rear suspension, A PsychloX RSL for mud daubin' and fence jumpin', a Frosthammer fat bike, a Routt 45, just to name a few. Hand built right here in the Colorado Rockies, Moots is a company with no parallel. Their devotion to precision, quality control and craftsmanship is not matched anywhere in the industry by anyone, and you can bet that in the game of titanium, the bar is set high.
Purchased as a frameset, we'll work together with you on this end to make sure you get the finest in components and the right parts to match not only the frame but your needs on the bike as well. Moots even offers a customization program too, so precision fit can be achieved if your needs require it. There are other frame options, such as internal electronic routing, multiple dropout options, ISO and post disc brake mounts, fender mounts, rack eyelets, as well as a zillion other added possibilities.