1952 Justin Road suite 118
Highland Village, TX 75077
We heart Kona so much. They're the biggest little brand in the Pacific Northwest. Having built their company out of the dirt with a crazed fixation for shredding maximum gnar, Kona makes up the lion's share of the mountain bike lineup here at Bluebonnet. Considering our region, we tend to focus on hardtail and dual suspension XC in 27.5” and 29” alike, however it's not too crazy to assume that the occasional back-country or freeride rig might show up on our floor ‐ and let's not forget the Wo... but I digress (I have a little crush on the Wo. Don't tell her!).
But hold the phone! Or your laptop! Or whatever... They don't just do mountain bikes! The Rove is one of the finest allroad bikes around. The Dew series kills it in the commuter hybrid category. And the Jakes... well, you know about the Jakes. Wait...you don't? C'mon! The Jake series of performance cyclocross bikes, from budget to spare no expense amazing, are staples in the industry. All these and more round out Kona's sizable and diverse inventory, whose off-road heart pumps life into all of their various permutations.