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Edoardo Bianchi began his bicycle manufacturing endeavor in 1885 in a small hilltop shop in Milan Italy. He quickly became a known and trusted name throughout the world for his innovation and inventiveness. In fact, Bianchi is renowned for setting traditions and practices that many in the industry still follow to this day. Often recognized by their distinct color, Celeste, a tradition still featured heavily in their color choices today, Bianchi's style is so unique and renowned that people even refer to the color as 'Bianchi Green.' They have continually set themselves apart as an example of unmatched craftsmanship and commitment to the sport.
Bianchi's long tradition of quality and technological ingenuity is as robust as ever in their 2016 line of bicycles. From the innovative use of Countervail vibration damping technology in their beautiful Specialissima CV, Infinito CV, and the Aquilla CV time trial frameset to the rigid responsiveness of the Oltre XR2, Bianchi continues to push the industry to a higher level of performance while maintaining a feet-on-the-ground approach to keeping their line universally accessible. As a casual hybrid, the Torino offers relaxed, upright position for a price tag that's easy to reach. The Zurigo is an aggressive cyclocross racer that will fit the budget-conscious mud lover's pocketbook. The Pista is considered the gold standard in the world of fixed gear single speeds. With a pedigree so well maintained and so ingeniously improved over the years it's no surprise that numerous samples from the whole of Bianchi's line are available in every department of our floor.
Here are a small selection of their offerings...
Bianchi Infinito CV: A Little Something Extra in Your Endurance Rig.
I'll begin by featuring the Bianchi Infinito CV, because in a way it serves as a feature for all of Bianchi's Endurance Race geometry framesets. People often talk about endurance geometry as being "slack," or "relaxed fit," and while it would be fair to say that there are frame geometries that orient the rider in more commonly accepted aggressive positions for sprinting or aerodynamics... Read More Here.
Bianchi Specialissima: Beware the Murderbird.
This bike is a bird:
A beautiful, understated, fast, stiff, fast, lightweight bird. I saw my first one in person at Interbike in Vegas. There were two on a rack, a black and a celeste one. They looked like two falcons blinded on a perch as I walked up. I love when you walk up to a nice bike which from a distance looks marvelous, but with every closing step are gifted with a new appreciation as you realize that... Read More Here.
Bianchi Torino and Torino Dama: Lycra Function with Tweed Style, All on a Sweatpant Budget.
The Bianchi Torino is a stylish, easygoing aid to fitness, activity and mobility. It is not for riding centuries. It is not for 'shredding the gnar'. However it will handle fitness and enthusiast rides from just around the neighborhood to moderate-milage commuting, path rides, trips to the local market and being the leisurely family getaway bike. Both the Torino and the Torino Dama sport... Read More Here.