1952 Justin Road suite 118
Highland Village, TX 75077
This is Ben Hayes, the owner of the shop. He rides his bike to work. He is partial to Texas beers, tacos, the Allman Brothers, geology, political discourse, and titanium. He currently rides a Vamoots equipped with SRAM Red, which he swears is for sale if anyone is interested in it (but secretly cringes with fear when someone starts eyeballin' his baby).
Waaay back in the 70's he used to like mountain climbing and skiing, wearing his hair long, and Mr. Natural comics. But then Ronald Reagan took office and his day job made him move from Idaho to Illinois. No mountains there, so bikes instead, we guess. Only it so happened that he found himself really enjoying bikes. Like, a lot. His job sent him here to Texas, and before long he realized that his job was to be all about bikes, and that bikes were better. He raced, rode, and worked on bikes; so, it only seemed logical to open up a shop and make everyone else love bikes as much as he does. In 1986, we opened our doors over on Mill St. near the rodeo grounds, in an unassuming little space that would do for the time being.
Ben started the Texas Flyers then, a local club which is still around and loosely affiliated with this shop, though membership these days is less dues paying and meetings, and more of a sort of... warm feeling you get... like when you think of kittens or grandma... you know, riding.
We moved in 1989 over to Stemmons Freeway, and Ben decided to celebrate by crashing spectacularly and shattering his hip. Thus, ending his foray into road racing. But don't worry, this isn't one of those Melvillian symbolic plot devices that leads to some great struggle to overcome the crushing irony of a bike shop owner who has become unable to ride a bike. He still rides all the time. He's fine. Since then, he's ridden across Arizona and Iowa a bunch of times. He's been to every Hotter 'n Hell since 1985, even raced mountain bikes on occasion.
There's little he loves more than loading up a big crew of people on Wednesday mornings for his weekly hooky rides, which he's been doing since the early 90's. He's set two vans on fire on road trips. He's employed and fired all his children (and hired them back again, what a softie). He's been an active and vocal advocate for the sport since he began in the 80's, and on this 32nd anniversary of our bike shop's humble, opening we're proud to say that we're bigger and stronger than ever. Staff alumni have gone on to find seats in the industry from repping to distribution, to opening and operating their own companies and shops, racing, and even product design and manufacturing. (He always jokes that he's been making North Texas youths unemployable since 1986.) Now he's old and bitter, a shuffling, muttering shell of his former self: oft found cursing his employees for moving his coffee cup while he's not looking, or feverishly hunting for the reading glasses mockingly taunting from his forehead... Actually, upon reflection, never mind. That's... just Ben.
Bluebonnet Bicycles is currently located at 1952 W. Justin Rd., in Highland Village, TX. We have been in business since 1986, providing the North Dallas metroplex with bikes, parts, accessories, and service for 32 years now, and hope to do so for at least another 30. If you desire to race competitively in either mountain, road, time trial, or on the BMX dirt track, we have your needs covered. If you'd prefer a long leisurely ride through the country, or are looking to commute to work daily, or need a solid bike for a growing kid, we've got a heap of options. If gravel is your latest passion, we have your connection. Come by and let us help you get out there. Come by and get your current bike in top shape again. Come by and listen in awe to Ben's tales of adventure. Come by and listen to Ben's take on politics. Come by and listen to Ben rant about the kids these days. I mean, he will if you want, but I don't know why you'd get him started.
The rest of our staff is pretty great too: You can always come by to see us if you'd prefer. We're friendly, easygoing, knowledgeable practitioners of the sport, and are glad to help you figure out what would best maximize the enjoyment of your two-wheeled experience. We likey-to-bikey. Ugh. Don't say that though. Our mechanics are top notch and our sales staff are interested in helping you get what YOU want (for the reals, yo. If the bike ends up not working for you, it does us no good...), so don't be afraid to ask questions and be particular. We love it when you're happy. We eat your happiness. On tacos. Tacos are delicious... Tacos.
So that kind of sums us up. We've been around the block a few times, so we're good at this. We're really enthused about all things self-powered and two wheeled. Like, creepy enthused. We're the guy you end up roped into talking to at a party who just won't let it go. Well, actually there's lots of interesting stuff about bikes I bet you don't even know. For instance… hey, where you going? Would you bring me back a beer? Then we can talk more about bikes... Yeah, creepy enthused. Ben's an old fart, but he's kinda the best. Tacos. What else could I tell you? You should just drop in and see it for yourself. Bring tacos. No seriously...